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H.R. 4173: Congress Proposes Bankruptcy Mortgage Modification ...
Dec 9, 2009 . Under current law, lenders are not required to modify first mortgages on borrower's primary residences in bankruptcy. However, borrowers who owe more than .

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Reorganization/Debt Discharge - A Guide to ...
Mar 6, 2009 . Practice Limited to Bankruptcy Law. 1. Principal . the modification of a first mortgage on a principal residence by reducing (“cramming-down”) .

Reducing First Mortgages in Chapter 13 - Bankruptcy Law Network
With the declining real estate market, itsábecomingámore and more common to “ lien strip” wholly unsecured second mortgages/deeds of trust on personal .

Cramdown On First Mortgages Gets A Second Look By Senate
Several months ago, there was a bill before Congress which, if passed into law, would have allowed Bankruptcy Judges to modify first mortgages on .

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Time Bomb: Mortgage Modification
The five major banks set a trap for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. With a reduction in your first mortgage, second mortgages have value to grab . Kurt O'Keefe wrote about this beneficial legislation recently and reported that the mortgage lenders are .

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Can You Modify A First Mortgage In Bankruptcy? | San Diego ...
Sep 27, 2011 . Can You Modify a First Mortgage in Bankruptcy? No, the Bankruptcy Code does not currently allow debtors to modify first.

Should You Reaffirm Your Mortgage? « Charleston Bankruptcy ...
Oct 25, 2011 . First, you need to understand that your mortgage lender can't do anything to you just because you refuse to reaffirm your mortgage. The law .

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Bankruptcy Law in the United States | Economic History Services
Feb 1, 2010 . First bankruptcy law is repealed amid complaints of excessive expenses . For example, in the Wabash receivership of 1886, first mortgage .

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The Florida Bankruptcy Law Blog: Chapter 13
Apr 1, 2012 . The Florida Bankruptcy Law Blog . Mortgage Modification's Amazing Result: Bank Forgives First Mortgage: Debtors' House Now Fee And .

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Can a husband and wife, who are separated and maintain separate residences, each claim separate homestead exemptions for the purpose of bankrupcty? AND Must the wife's name be on the deed of her residence?

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Apple Valley, MN Reaffirmation | Kingsbury Law Offices
Kingsbury Law Offices - Bankruptcy Attorney in Apple Valley, MN . the value of the property is worth less than what is on the first mortgage), .


Mark Knevel & Associates Cleveland Bankruptcy Attorney
“We are one of Ohio's largest Consumer Bankruptcy Law Firms” . judge, as part of a chapter 13 bankruptcy, to modify first mortgages, and completely remove .

Orlando Bankruptcy Law Help » Chapter 7 and 13 - Orlando ...
Jun 21, 2010 . In bankruptcy, the laws favor you as the debtor, and are intended to get . amount owed on your first mortgage and there is no available equity .

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1 hour ago . Bankruptcy law blog for Ellett Law Offices, P.C. in Phoenix, Arizona. We have . First, the insinuation of the lawsuit having "robosigning" tie-ins is not a stretch. . Tags: Bank of America, foreclosure, liens, mortgage, robosigning .

Chicago Bankruptcy Law | Useful Bankruptcy information for people ...
So, if you have a home mortgage, it will survive the bankruptcy. . down” a second mortgage if the home value is less than the balance owed on a first mortgage.

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